Friday, April 20, 2007

Can a children's book character be two different colors?

I have always loved the cartoon, 'Gerald McBoing Boing' (if you haven't seen it, do so at... ). In the cartoon, the colors of the scene AND THE CHARACTERS are dictated more by mood than by realism. An element of clothing, hair, or accessory stays consistent in color scheme throughout to provide some continuity and familiarity. I have always loved this look.

As an experiment for a children's book dummy I am writing/illustrating, I wanted to see if this color approach would work in illustration. WOULD KIDS UNDERSTAND THAT IT IS NOT A NEW CHARACTER? WOULD PUBLISHERS BE SHY ABOUT THIS BOOK SELLING FOR THAT REASON (even if kids didn't have a problem with it)?


Here are three examples. Two are interior scenes, both in the kitchen. The other is in the backyard. (Don't try to follow along with the storyline too much - these illustrations jump around - basically it's about a 5 year-old boy who is reluctant to stop sucking his thumb).

Sunday, April 15, 2007

OLD caricatures...

I'd love to do more caricature work. I haven't done any in quite some time. Here are some oldies from various projects. I think the likenesses are all pretty good but I'd like to push the envelope with exaggeration and some more subtle features as well. More to come hopefully!

These are more in the vein of what I want to do with caricature work. I think these are a little bit more fun (unfortunately you have no idea who these people are). They're some of my classmates at RIT where I got my Master's a few years back. I think I nailed the likenesses and personalities even if they border a bit on offensive (I hope they don't TOO much).

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Stink Bug Saves the Day - odds and ends

Just finished 'Stink Bug Saves the Day' and am actually fairly happy with the outcome!

Above is an unusued character (hotel manager). It would have seemed a little forced to include him.

Here is the cover (rough and final image without type)