Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Quick spot illustration

This little guy was originally a design for a contest at my gym. Design your own smoothie. Now, Im no smoothie expert... but there were NFL tickets as a prize... I figured, I whip up a character and throw a few ingredients together and call it "Move Over, Hang-Over!"... who wouldn't want that!? The only thing I didn't figure was the due date. It was due the following day that I saw it. Oh well. I wanted to finish it anyway, so here it is!

Was able to do this in under 2 hrs!


Frank Summers said...

i dig the use of color on this one alot. nice duder!

ibye said...

Hey Andy,

I was surfing around your blog and thought the least I could do was to leave a comment. I really like this and I like your new style in general. Congrats on your first published book and congrats on your engagement.


PS: Check me out at http://ibye.blogspot.com/
I added your blog as a link, feel free to add me

PSS: Does the template look familar, thats' cause I copied you, at least I picked a different color.

Tooninator said...

I like it. I'd buy that smoothie.