Friday, September 25, 2009

Is this a plausible scenario??

Would a 4-5 yr old read (or look at the pictures) of a picture book under the covers with a flashlight (in lieu of sleep)?

I know the idea of a kid with a flashlight under the covers is oft-used prototypical imagery (and that's OK with me) BUT at WHAT age do they do this? I know I did it but I feel like it wasn't until older... I don't know.

I do have to swap out the Mad magazine parody in favor of a picture book (4 yr olds wouldn't be reading mad--wouldn't get the joke)

I have to nail the age logistics.



letile said...

My son loves to do this, his seven-great drawing!

Jamie Lee said...

My daughter is 5 1/2 and, though she has always liked playing "cave" under the covers, has yet to take a book in there. That could be my fault though ... I enjoy the books so much that I read them to her every night - so she hasn't really had the opportunity.
I like the image and think it'd be great if you could INSPIRE some 4 - 5 yr-olds to get under the covers with a BOOK. :)

kmb said...

WOW, Andy. Congrats on your success, altho I am not surprised:)
I love your idea, but 5 year olds are in kindergarten and not likely to hide to "read" yet. I am teaching first grade, and I don't believe any of my students are inclined to do so. However, that doesn't mean they wouldn't totally enjoy a book about it. My "kids" LOVE hearing a good story, especially a funny one! Might even give them an idea.....Ms.Boushie