Monday, January 04, 2010

Hard Hab-It To Break

I suffer from the unfortunate affliction of being an obsessive hockey fan, particularly a Montreal Canadiens fan. I wish I could stop, sometimes. I have been able (until very recently) to keep my hockey watching urges in check by not ordering cable. I am, however, unable to keep myself from hanging on each review from online bloggers like Apon Basu's daily hab-it In a weak attempt to validate this addiction, I've offered to do a logo design for his site. As such, here are some of the ROUGH first brainstorms:

I want the image to be clear but with a retro NFBC-esque feel.



Luc Melanson said...

Hey Andy,
Very nice logos!
I must confess that I suffer from the same addiction. I watch all the games, I read everything about the Habs, I also listen to way too much sports talk radio, I make an ice rink in my backyard and I'm also assistant coach for my son's pee wee team. However, I must say that here in Montreal, hockey's a real obsession!!! :)

Arpon Basu said...

Wow, I'm pretty blown away, never imagined you would actually incorporate my ugly mug into the design, but I love it! Got to say, I think I like the last one the best because it has the name of the blog and I dig just having my glasses and hair as an image of myself. Thanks so much for doing this! Is there any way I can get a high-res copy of that so I can use it on the site? My e-mail can be found on the blog.
Thanks again,

Sliver24 said...

Nice work Andy!

Arp, ou should post them all to your blog and let the readers vote. My personal fav is the top one. If you want the name in the logo I'm sure Andy can add it for you.