Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Junk Band UPDATE

These are a series of 'Junk Band' paintings I am doing. There will be seven in all. These are the three most complete and they are still a ways awy from finish. This image does not at all do them justice (I'm actually quite happy and proud of these). This is as close to a style that I am happy with as I have been in a long time. Could be the start of something good. They are part of a show at a gallery in Canandaigua NY later this summer so I have to get crackin'. I will update more on these guys as soon as I have more to show... and a better quality image!

BELOW ARE SOME UPDATES (in various levels of completion)

This guy is only about 25% finished. :(

About 50% complete for this one.

Shes lookin' good but still only about 60% finished.

This guy strummin' the bass is the most complete of this bunch. I'd say he's at about 85%...


Joe Andriola said...

these are awesome man. very cool style. i love the guy on the toilet. i can almost smell that one.

Frank Summers said...

dig these man. i like how you're giving us a "sneak peek" at them. they look awesome.

Craig D said...

Wow - That's some funny-lookin' stuff you have here, Smitty!

I particularly like the Mr. Potato-Headish mouth and pipe placement on the fellow "sitiing in" on the toilet!

So you're "near Rochester?" Would that me Chile or LeRoy?

Keep up the good work!