Thursday, September 07, 2006

Rough Character Sketches

(above is the proposed finished color of the Stink Bug and his snail)

These beauties are preliminary sketches for a book I am working on. They'll be pushed and pulled a bit and will definitely be subject to the publisher's revisions/additions. I also want to simplify all of them. It's always tougher for me to start simple. I have to pare a drawing down through a series of eventual drawings..


Dagan Moriarty said...

mannnn, HOW do you get all of this 'book' work?!
I'd be jealous, but instead, i'll be happy for ya! haha :)
You are a most-prolific one, Andy-san... oh, and when you gonna be in town?

Frank Summers said...

nice stuff dude. that bike is awesome...i like the wish bone in the front. and the "pop" rolled up is pretty funny. actually it sounds like a good gonna go roll up myself and go take a NAP.